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While the natural world is designed by Nature herself in her own beautiful way, man-made spaces such as homes and offices need to be designed by man’s own ingenuity.

In the modern world today, people’s aspirations are reaching higher levels, thanks to massive exposure to well-designed homes, magazines, the internet and overseas travel.  Especially with new home-owners who dream of upgrading their living surroundings to achieve a modern look. Whether it’s a 2 BHK interiors design they are seeking, or just a studio apartment design, or a villa interiors design, home-owners are interested in investing in professional interiors decoration services. It is also a prestige value to have a professionally done interiors.

To meet this rapidly growing demand, Interior Décor is becoming a booming business.  Although it is closely related to architecture, it is a serious field by itself. But before embarking on a project, you need to consider several important points that one among the best interiors decorators in Bangalore named Dsyncultr, recommends:

Useful tips for good interior décor for homes:

  1. Understand your and your family’s personality and preferences. The design needs to fit into your lifestyle. One that does not relatable to the general family personality will be out of character and not be comfortable in the long run.
  2. Decide whether you wish to have avant garde, modern, contemporary, regional or traditional décor. Being sure at the outset will avoid redoing and replacing with the ensuing time and cost. You can experiment as much as you want in the digital display screen.
  3. Avoid colours that is considered by you as inauspicious. Many families do not use black as it is symbolic of negative aspects.
  4. Do not use too many colours in any one room. It usually gives a cluttered unbalanced look. A few coordinated colours to the basic colour scheme will work well.
  5. Having more than 2 different concepts in terms of furniture in a single room should be avoided as it creates a confused, haphazard state of elements in the total look.
  6. Be sure that aesthetics does not compromise on functionality. If a furniture only looks good but has a very little useful feature, it is a waste of money. But a painting or a décor piece with purely aesthetic appeal should blend well with other items in the room.
  7. Space planning is vital. Direction of sunlight entering rooms is also an important aspect which many interiors decorators don’t take into account. Interior lighting and lampshades should co-exist harmoniously with other items in the room.
  8. You could also get custom-made special pieces to suit your thematic interior design. A good interior decorator usually offers this service.
  9. Choosing the right type of fabric is important not to mar the entire effort. Too flashy in colours or fabric downgrades a good modern look. Breathable, well-structured cloth is the best for upholstery and curtains in any room.
  10. It is important to keep in mind, your support to today’s green living concepts and limit the usage of non-biodegradable materials. And to add greenery inside the rooms for fresher and more cheerful look.

Remember, your interior design is your personal statement. Make sure it is right.

Guide to a good professional interior decorator

Well, while there are numerous professionals, how does one select a reliable interior decorator, is a question that needs to be analysed as homework. They are basically solution providers and some of the well-known Interior designers in HSR Layout are experienced teams that have specialized skills and knowledge. Here’s a checklist that you can refer to suggested by the popular interior decorator Dsyncultr in Bangalore:

  1. If you need a specialized interior service, check on the history of the company – when established, are they popular, do they have proven credentials, etc.
  2. Sometimes it is good to see some of the work they have done. Wherever possible, have a look at their delivered work. It will be a good indication of their quality, design aspects and eye for detail.
  3. You need a decorator who is willing to do up a smaller space. Some high-profile interior designers only take up turkey projects and no piece-meal work or for or small homes. A committed interior decorator would be happy to even do a 2bhk interior design.
  4. You need to have a clear understanding of the costs that you will incur. You don’t need to be surprised by sudden hidden costs emerging. All reliable service providers would give you a detailed break-up.
  5. Does the service come with a warranty? Several interior designers do offer a warranty since they are sure of their quality.
  6. Completion and delivery time are crucial. Delays in interiors could delay your moving in. Have they a good track record of on-time delivery
  7. If you required to custom-make furniture, do they have the facility to do so? Else you need to be taking the effort for the same, although is it part of the professional’s job.
  8. Do they answer/return your calls promptly? And how do they interact? Do you feel the passion they claim to have for their work? Do they give you a positive first impression?

Armed with these basic pointers, you may be more confident to hire an interior decorator who will meet your expectations.