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Isn’t the kitchen the heart of the home? That’s where the home-maker spends most of her time. The kitchen serves even as a meeting spot for the family. It brings all the members together for a tete a tete, or to discuss issues. We can even say it’s a second family room.

In one of Dsyncultr Review, the kitchen is referred to as the hardest working rooms in a home. They should know, they are one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore.

There are several simple ways to evolve a kitchen to become a focal point of the home. Where, apart from the time-honoured joy and art of cooking, several other pleasurable activities can be efficiently handled with ease. Of course, if you are fortunate to have a fairly large kitchen, the job is easier. Nevertheless, small can be stylish and smart too. Minor changes can make a small kitchen roomier and easier to work.

Little tips to make your kitchen functional, liveable and enjoyable:

  1. A small kitchen against a wall should have as much storage space as possible. Ceiling height cupboards store more.
  2. Have a smart chair-cum-ladder to reach the top shelves
  3. Ensure that every inch in a small kitchen should work for you. The trick is to avoid a cluttered look by judiciously using the space to the maximum.
  4. Pale colours for cupboard doors brighten up the kitchen while giving a roomier feel. A wide mix of colours to be avoided.
  5. Avoid heavy patterns for floor tiles and cupboard doors. Keep hues in the same family.
  6. Often-used items such as masala box, beverages, sugar, etc must be at arm’s reach.
  7. A jug of water close to the stove keeps you from running to the tap often.
  8. Larger kitchens can accommodate a special wall space for kids to draw or scribble. Easier for moms to keep a watch on the little ones and enjoy their prattle too.
  9. A small chair at the kitchen window will help you relax or read during that usual waiting time

in-between cooking. An attractive chair is more inviting and adds to the décor factor.

  1. Enhance the kitchen décor with a well-coordinated wall clock in an easy-to-see place. It is also vital for time-based cuisines.
  2. Open kitchens will allow friends to chat with you while you dish up your favourite recipe.
  3. Keep a section of the kitchen countertop free while entertaining, for guests to keep used glasses etc.
  4. Did you know a sight of a coffee mug stirs a cosy feeling? A visible display of beautiful coffee mugs on the wall adds to a very cheerful and welcoming ambience.
  5. Backsplashes should be medium dark in colour so that washing stains can be less visible. White should be totally avoided as dirt shows up vividly.
  6. A stainless-steel draining basket that fits on the sink neatly not only looks orderly but is also very functional when washing dishes.
  7. Don’t have an accident-prone kitchen. Avoid anything coming in the way of your foot when walking, like a jutting out cabinet, cupboard etc.

Yes, your kitchen can be a source of comfort, a place where your soul can be at peace, and therapeutic as well! The enthusiastic team of interiors decorators who completed a fabulous home décor in Electronics City gave us an insight to the way some men handle stress. When they have a need to relax, they embark on a cooking project. Cooking, they find, is therapeutically enjoyable and soothing.

Your kitchen has an importance on its own right. Give it your best shot in décor and practicality. Whether you are renovating, or remodelling or building an entirely new kitchen, good kitchens have spaciousness, light, style and elan.

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