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Who can deny the visual beauty of nature? Who can ignore the calm feeling of being connected, when amidst nature? People have always been desirous to bring nature into their homes. Even if it is just a dash of greenery.

But nature is not just plants, flowers and trees. It is also wood, stone, water, earth…all of which have high organic appeal and impart that grounded, primordial feeling to the soul. Such a vital factor to experience in today’s hectic way of life, as said by one of the best interior design company in Bangalore.

Even a small 2BHK apartment interior design can be made to look exciting with plants, if they are used creatively.

So how do we begin a relationship with Nature inside our homes and make it life-long?

Let’s start with plants. It’s the first thing we all do for an organically inspired décor. Live indoor plants impart a fresh and invigorating appeal. While artificial plants and greenery may look good from afar, they fail to induce the sentiments that nature can. Plastic is plastic after all. And far removed from today’s concept of green living.

There are several indoor plants that are actually good for your health apart from used for interior decorating. They boost immunity, increase oxygen in the surroundings, absorb toxins from the air, purify the atmosphere, and have a positive effect on your mental health too.

Here are a few ways you can use plants in interior décor:

  • Medium sized indoor plants can dramatically enhance a corner.
  • Dress up your window sills with several small potted plants. Ensure the leaves are small and pots are colourful.
  • Ferns and fronds add a theatrical ambience to any room and add to the décor appeal.
  • Tall flowering plants can be the companion of windows, to benefit from sunlight.
  • Rubber plants have a bright, satiny, luscious looking, large leaves, and are good when placed at doorways and light background colour.
  • Table-top decor such as ikebana gives a truly sophisticated look to any room.
  • So does a bonzai arrangement.
  • You can even literally create a kitchen garden by growing herbs at the window in a large colourful ceramic trough. The sight of fresh green herbs makes the kitchen a pleasant place to work in.
  • Green plants placed in bathrooms add fresh look, apart from being a stylish décor.
Now, let’s look at other natural elements that can make great décor concepts
  • Using real wooden flooring is really bringing in nature indoors. And gives the room a rich look.
  • Wooden planters, cane furniture, along with your other sofa set, feels soothing and calm.
  • Medium sized boulders or rocks placed near potted plants is fashionable décor and adds to that stark natural look.
  • Cane/rush mats on the floor are also very good for bedrooms where they can help you to relax and be one with yourself.
  • Good structured and textured cotton fabrics breathe well and do not tend to retain heat like nylon or polymers, and make the room cool in more ways than one.
  • Decorative clay items placed around, give a room that free rural flair. Size is no matter. In fact, large sized clay wall hangings look pleasantly stylish. Try it at the entrance.
  • Wall claddings made of stone are remarkably beautiful and give any place a sense of deep unwinding.
  • Natural pebbles placed judiciously around also is a way to bring nature indoors.
  • Water filled ‘urulis’ of different sizes, with natural flowers floating on the water make a great focal point in décor, apart from giving off a floweral aroma for that relaxed feeling.
  • Large sized aquarium with fish swimming around seaweeds and seashells are something one can look at for hours and enjoy being calm.
  • An unplastered brick wall as a backdrop is a good breather in its difference.
  • Marble or stone finish rustic tiles in bedrooms /bathrooms look very good in various hues and patterns.
  • Small and attractive zen fountains add so much charm while being so elemental.
  • Let in as much sunlight as you can inside the home.
  • Bring in the sea through sea shells for a nautical theme.
  • Bamboo tree / items make great natural ambience.

Numerous such practices are sure ways of co-existing with nature indoors. The best budget interior designers in Bangalore will tell you it’s the right way, the healthy way, and the true way to incorporate nature in your home décor, without huge expenditure. A 3 bhk interior design cost in Bangalore will be much less than you can imagine. To quote one of the interior designers in Sarjapur Road who owns a nursery of exotic plants – ‘Nature has given us abundantly from her warehouse. Let’s invite her in and live harmoniously with her gifts”.